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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Selfie : More Than Just A Picture

by Wong Zhiwei  |  in thoughts at  8:24 AM

"Food, random puppies, selfies, babies, more selfies"

That's probably what most people see on their Instagram feeds. Selfies get so common that they get annoying sometimes.

But we tend to forget that behind every action is a story, just like suicide victims. People say they're stupid to take away their own lives and running away isn't the solution.

Do they really understand what goes on in the mind of a suicide victim?

I know that's an extreme example but hear me out. Selfies are just the same! People like to feel secure about themselves and it's nice to hear peers compliment you when you post a selfie. It gives us confidence and it makes us feel wanted and good-looking. I admit, I had that stage once.

The next time we judge someone for posting a selfie once too often, don't. Finding self-esteem isn't easy, and if taking selfies help some people find it, why not?

Don't spread the hate. Instead, give confidence to those who need it the most and be grateful that you've found your own way to feel secure.

We're all different, so let's embrace the diversity and foster tolerance through our differences.

Think about it, act on it, make the world a better place.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. i don't despise selfies, coz i myself do it too sometimes. it's called self-love and its not a crime, it's a good thing instead

  2. selfie make me look beautiful. hahaha.


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