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Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas (Both Couples And Singles)

by Wong Zhiwei  |  at  8:37 PM

Valentine's Day! A day to cherish the love between you and your other half!

Sadly it's not that simple.

As usual, men have to think of creative ways to impress their girl. A typical night at the movies will make your girlfriend shout CHEAPSKATE and a bouquet of flowers with chocolate will make your girl yell OLD-SCHOOL. 

On the other hand, single folks will probably stay at home and watch soap dramas while sobbing away with packets of tissues by their side (What, you don't do that?). Maybe the previous paragraph made you feel better about being single.

Either way, Valentine's Day isn't and shouldn't just be an ordinary day out. Here are some ways to make it memorable, starting with the couples :

Couples :

Here are some ways to celebrate your special day :

1. Go to the beach

The beach is a beautiful and romantic place that never gets old. Take your valentine to the beach to watch the sunset, play around or even camp there! Imagine a night together with your soul mate at the beach. Isn't it tempting?

2. Go stargazing on a hill

This is one of the things on my bucket list. Stargazing is fun, but doing it with your partner is sweet and romantic! Just take some time to drive to a quiet hill at the edge of the town and enjoy the scenery in silence. You can even bring a picnic mat and cuddle together while sweet-talking to each other. Sigh, how beautiful.

3. Camp in a park

If you're both a wild couple you can consider camping at a community park or a reserve near you. Camping in the bushes while spying on others might seem crazy but hey, some people like it. Having a whole park with a playground to yourselves in the middle of the night sounds tempting doesn't it?

4. Picnic in a forest/park

It's typical but it's still sweet, though couples don't really go out of their way to find a nice picnic spot anymore. If you do have an ideal destination to have a picnic in peace, why not go for it? You can make your own food and just focus on the environment and most importantly, with your partner just right next to you.

5. Home-made dinner (made by guys of course!)

Girls find the idea of guys in the kitchen very attractive for some reason, probably because girls are sick of being the one doing all the cooking. Cooking a meal at home is also much cheaper than going out (Shh, girls don't have to know). If you have interest in cooking maybe you should cook for your darling, though please remember to try cooking first. You don't want your Valentine's Day dinner to taste horrible. Tip : a candlelight dinner and romantic music in the background gives good ambience!

Singles :

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a sad day for people still single. It's time to live the slogan 'Single and Ready to Mingle'.

1. Meet people at the club

The world is huge. They're definitely single people other than you that are ready to have some fun. Go to a local club and step out of your comfort zone by meeting new people. Who knows? You might find someone you fancy or even your future soul mate!

2. Go out with friends

Gather all your single friends and have a bachelor's party! Screw the couples outside having fun, you don't have to have a partner to have fun on Valentine's Day. Open your house and ask your friends to invite people over. It's a great chance to get to meet new people and catch up with old friends too.

3. Confess to that girl/guy you have a crush on

Have a crush on someone? It's time to be brave and tell him/her this Valentine's Day. Choosing such a meaningful day will be much sweeter than any other day. If you've been crushing on this person for awhile now, why not give it a go? If you're both close friends and you're scared of things being awkward after that because your feelings aren't mutual, just be cool about it. Awkwardness only exists because you make it awkward and the feeling spreads to the other person. If you're cool about it, she'll be okay with it too! Give it a shot!

4. Go on a vacation ALONE.

You won't have a chance to do this when you have obligations and attachments in the future. While you still can, why not backpack around the state or even the country? Or maybe take a trip to some weird destination that you always wanted to go to? A vacation on your own gives you full control on what you want to do, so you don't have to listen to what your friends or your partner wants. Having time away from people you know also gives you the opportunity to look at yourself and the world from a different perspective and realize things you never knew about yourself.

14th of February doesn't have to be a classy dinner (for couples) or being bored at home (for single folks). Make it different and fun! Have your own ideas you want to share? Tell us in the comments below! Wishing all of you a Happy Valentine's Day!


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