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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why A Good Product Name is Important

by Wong Zhiwei  |  in marketing at  8:44 PM

I'm not a marketing expert.

But I don't think 'Octopussy' is the best name for a mobile phone.

I'm not gonna lie - I laughed for quite a bit when I saw this. But hey! Names don't reflect the quality (and nature) of the product.

The problem is, many people judge based on their first impression, and brand name definitely leaves an impact.

Here are some reasons why choosing a good product name is important :

1. It defines your company.

Products define companies. No matter how good a brand name you have, a corporation won't survive if the products or services aren't attracting customers. Marketing plays an important part in that. When picking a product name, make sure it reflects the professional style of the company itself. For example, a electronics manufacturer might use more sophisticated names or names that reflect the unlimited boundaries of technology (such as Samsung's range of Galaxy products). On the flip side, choosing a childish name for your product tells consumers that you aren't professional and it affects the reputation of your company. Product names are an important aspect in building the image of a corporation.

2. It defines the product.

When choosing a product, brand and product names are probably the first few things a consumer thinks of. Therefore, it's important to know what your target group of consumers are before choosing a name. For example, an author of books for teenagers might choose a more easy going title rather than a plain old factual title whereas a magazine targeting rich businessmen may decide to use a professional and classy name instead of humorous ones. A product name speaks for itself so it's best to choose a name that tells the story of the item.

3. It convinces consumers

A heavy process in selling a product is, of course, marketing the product, and it's hard to do that without a good product name, especially new products in the market. Any company can put a "BUY ME" tag or a quality assurance on their products, but what stands out to consumers is what makes you different. Consumers might ask themselves : Why should I try this product? or What makes this product so different that I should try it instead of my regular choice? That's where product names have to dress to impress with catchy or humorous names that might appeal to consumers. 

That's all from me. Have you seen any weird product names before? Or maybe you want to share your experience with product names? Tell me in the comments below! Once again, thank you for reading :)


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