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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Selfie : More Than Just A Picture

by Wong Zhiwei  |  in thoughts at  8:24 AM

"Food, random puppies, selfies, babies, more selfies"

That's probably what most people see on their Instagram feeds. Selfies get so common that they get annoying sometimes.

But we tend to forget that behind every action is a story, just like suicide victims. People say they're stupid to take away their own lives and running away isn't the solution.

Do they really understand what goes on in the mind of a suicide victim?

I know that's an extreme example but hear me out. Selfies are just the same! People like to feel secure about themselves and it's nice to hear peers compliment you when you post a selfie. It gives us confidence and it makes us feel wanted and good-looking. I admit, I had that stage once.

The next time we judge someone for posting a selfie once too often, don't. Finding self-esteem isn't easy, and if taking selfies help some people find it, why not?

Don't spread the hate. Instead, give confidence to those who need it the most and be grateful that you've found your own way to feel secure.

We're all different, so let's embrace the diversity and foster tolerance through our differences.

Think about it, act on it, make the world a better place.

Thanks for reading :)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas (Both Couples And Singles)

by Wong Zhiwei  |  at  8:37 PM
Valentine's Day! A day to cherish the love between you and your other half!

Sadly it's not that simple.

As usual, men have to think of creative ways to impress their girl. A typical night at the movies will make your girlfriend shout CHEAPSKATE and a bouquet of flowers with chocolate will make your girl yell OLD-SCHOOL. 

On the other hand, single folks will probably stay at home and watch soap dramas while sobbing away with packets of tissues by their side (What, you don't do that?). Maybe the previous paragraph made you feel better about being single.

Either way, Valentine's Day isn't and shouldn't just be an ordinary day out. Here are some ways to make it memorable, starting with the couples :

Couples :

Here are some ways to celebrate your special day :

1. Go to the beach

The beach is a beautiful and romantic place that never gets old. Take your valentine to the beach to watch the sunset, play around or even camp there! Imagine a night together with your soul mate at the beach. Isn't it tempting?

2. Go stargazing on a hill

This is one of the things on my bucket list. Stargazing is fun, but doing it with your partner is sweet and romantic! Just take some time to drive to a quiet hill at the edge of the town and enjoy the scenery in silence. You can even bring a picnic mat and cuddle together while sweet-talking to each other. Sigh, how beautiful.

3. Camp in a park

If you're both a wild couple you can consider camping at a community park or a reserve near you. Camping in the bushes while spying on others might seem crazy but hey, some people like it. Having a whole park with a playground to yourselves in the middle of the night sounds tempting doesn't it?

4. Picnic in a forest/park

It's typical but it's still sweet, though couples don't really go out of their way to find a nice picnic spot anymore. If you do have an ideal destination to have a picnic in peace, why not go for it? You can make your own food and just focus on the environment and most importantly, with your partner just right next to you.

5. Home-made dinner (made by guys of course!)

Girls find the idea of guys in the kitchen very attractive for some reason, probably because girls are sick of being the one doing all the cooking. Cooking a meal at home is also much cheaper than going out (Shh, girls don't have to know). If you have interest in cooking maybe you should cook for your darling, though please remember to try cooking first. You don't want your Valentine's Day dinner to taste horrible. Tip : a candlelight dinner and romantic music in the background gives good ambience!

Singles :

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a sad day for people still single. It's time to live the slogan 'Single and Ready to Mingle'.

1. Meet people at the club

The world is huge. They're definitely single people other than you that are ready to have some fun. Go to a local club and step out of your comfort zone by meeting new people. Who knows? You might find someone you fancy or even your future soul mate!

2. Go out with friends

Gather all your single friends and have a bachelor's party! Screw the couples outside having fun, you don't have to have a partner to have fun on Valentine's Day. Open your house and ask your friends to invite people over. It's a great chance to get to meet new people and catch up with old friends too.

3. Confess to that girl/guy you have a crush on

Have a crush on someone? It's time to be brave and tell him/her this Valentine's Day. Choosing such a meaningful day will be much sweeter than any other day. If you've been crushing on this person for awhile now, why not give it a go? If you're both close friends and you're scared of things being awkward after that because your feelings aren't mutual, just be cool about it. Awkwardness only exists because you make it awkward and the feeling spreads to the other person. If you're cool about it, she'll be okay with it too! Give it a shot!

4. Go on a vacation ALONE.

You won't have a chance to do this when you have obligations and attachments in the future. While you still can, why not backpack around the state or even the country? Or maybe take a trip to some weird destination that you always wanted to go to? A vacation on your own gives you full control on what you want to do, so you don't have to listen to what your friends or your partner wants. Having time away from people you know also gives you the opportunity to look at yourself and the world from a different perspective and realize things you never knew about yourself.

14th of February doesn't have to be a classy dinner (for couples) or being bored at home (for single folks). Make it different and fun! Have your own ideas you want to share? Tell us in the comments below! Wishing all of you a Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why A Good Product Name is Important

by Wong Zhiwei  |  in marketing at  8:44 PM
I'm not a marketing expert.

But I don't think 'Octopussy' is the best name for a mobile phone.

I'm not gonna lie - I laughed for quite a bit when I saw this. But hey! Names don't reflect the quality (and nature) of the product.

The problem is, many people judge based on their first impression, and brand name definitely leaves an impact.

Here are some reasons why choosing a good product name is important :

1. It defines your company.

Products define companies. No matter how good a brand name you have, a corporation won't survive if the products or services aren't attracting customers. Marketing plays an important part in that. When picking a product name, make sure it reflects the professional style of the company itself. For example, a electronics manufacturer might use more sophisticated names or names that reflect the unlimited boundaries of technology (such as Samsung's range of Galaxy products). On the flip side, choosing a childish name for your product tells consumers that you aren't professional and it affects the reputation of your company. Product names are an important aspect in building the image of a corporation.

2. It defines the product.

When choosing a product, brand and product names are probably the first few things a consumer thinks of. Therefore, it's important to know what your target group of consumers are before choosing a name. For example, an author of books for teenagers might choose a more easy going title rather than a plain old factual title whereas a magazine targeting rich businessmen may decide to use a professional and classy name instead of humorous ones. A product name speaks for itself so it's best to choose a name that tells the story of the item.

3. It convinces consumers

A heavy process in selling a product is, of course, marketing the product, and it's hard to do that without a good product name, especially new products in the market. Any company can put a "BUY ME" tag or a quality assurance on their products, but what stands out to consumers is what makes you different. Consumers might ask themselves : Why should I try this product? or What makes this product so different that I should try it instead of my regular choice? That's where product names have to dress to impress with catchy or humorous names that might appeal to consumers. 

That's all from me. Have you seen any weird product names before? Or maybe you want to share your experience with product names? Tell me in the comments below! Once again, thank you for reading :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

My Apologies!

by Wong Zhiwei  |  at  4:49 AM
  Argh I feel so bad for not being able to blog for more than a week! I've been busy with lots of things. One of the things that has kept me really busy so far is college which started just last week so I'm still playing around with the schedule to see how much free time I have.

  I've also been working on a project! What project you ask? Well.. it's a secret :P Shhh.. for now :) Don't worry because I'll be finishing it this week so curiosity won't kill you in your sleep. I'll be announcing it anytime this week so make sure you subscribe to find out!

  I'm sorry this post (it's not even a post!) is short :( Time to get back to my project and work. I'll probably start posting regularly by the end of this week so see you guys soon!

  Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

8 Reasons To Play A Guitar

by Wong Zhiwei  |  in music at  2:30 AM

 I love my guitar and I love playing it. There's just something about the sound of a guitar that attracted me to it and I guess that's why I started playing. If you haven't picked up any instrument yet, this is one instrument you definitely should learn and I'm going to tell you not just one, not just two but EIGHT reasons why. Let's get started :)

1. It's easy (to pick up)

Unlike most instruments such as the piano or the saxophone, a guitar is relatively easy to learn. In just a few months, you can learn pretty much all the chords needed to play most songs under the sun! Because most songs use a fixed progression of chords, learning just 4 chords can help you play tons of songs. Other instruments such as the piano require more practice and speed to reach the level of 'impressive'. However, that doesn't mean that the guitar is easy to master. For the adventurous, there are plenty of chord variations you can learn and guitar solos that are extremely difficult to master. The guitar is definitely a versatile instrument for all kinds of people.

2. It makes you a million times more attractive!

Nothing else spells out the words 'I'm hot' as well as a guy playing a guitar (ladies you know it!). If you want a way to get those girls (or guys) to look at you, a guitar is the way to go! For some reason, guitar players come off as incredibly sexy and talented (I'm a personal testimony! Hehe). Pick up a few songs, bring that guitar to the next party you're attending, serenade the ladies and watch them drool over you! What are you waiting for?

3. It's easy to carry around

If you're looking for an instrument that you can bring wherever you go, look no further! Guitars look awesome in any landscape, from forests to beaches. The guitar also seems to be the only instrument that looks cooler with wear and tear as it doesn't have to look elegant like a big fat piano. Just dump it in the back of your car and drive off to a musical adventure!

4. It's cheap

Compared to other instruments, guitars are like a year end sale. The prices are much cheaper than most instruments such as drums, pianos and violins. If you want to develop that hidden musical talent you might have but you're on a budget, pick a guitar. 

5. It comes in different styles and colors

Just visit any guitar shop and you'll see that they don't just come in a shade of brown and a rigid shape. Guitars are made to not just play music but to bring out your identity as a musician! Not only do they come in different colors and shapes, some even have beautiful designs on them. Although the design shouldn't be your main concern when picking out a guitar, a unique guitar that you can call your own will definitely make you appreciate it more.

6. Every band needs you

Have you ever seen a band without a guitarist? Exactly. If you have a dream of being in a band (I do hehe) but you don't have the voice to make it as a lead singer, being lead guitarist is just as cool. Of course, if you want to make it to a real band, you probably have to practice really hard. So get off Guitar Hero and go pick up a real one instead!

7. You don't really need classes

Since picking up guitar is pretty easy, you don't have to attend classes to start playing. All you have to do is go on the Internet and look for resources that'll teach you how to play the basics. The basics, coupled with some practice, should be enough to help you learn songs that'll last you a lifetime. Minus the cost of classes, guitar is definitely the cheapest instrument you can learn. Click here for some of the best youtube channels for learning how to play the guitar. If you lack discipline when learning how to play the guitar or if you want to learn more advanced skills, then you should go for some classes.

8. Gives you a reason to not be sociable

Maybe not everyone wants this, but I personally get tired and lazy at parties sometimes (anti-socials you know what I'm talking about). Sometimes you just want to sit down and rest but people just drag you into one thing to do after another. That's when a guitar comes in handy. Bring it along anywhere you go so that whenever you want a rest, just take it out and start serenading. People definitely won't stop you from giving free entertainment now. 

To sum it up, I really love guitars and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to pick up an instrument. Look no further, just go buy a guitar already!

Have another reason to play the guitar or want to share an interesting experience you had with your guitar? Share them with me at the comments below!

Thanks for reading :) 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Bucket List for Couples

by Wong Zhiwei  |  in romance at  9:16 AM

 "Bucket list - a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime."

  I'm a romantic guy. I like the idea of cuddling with my girlfriend (yes I have one) all day long while love songs are on replay in the background. I want to take my girl to all sorts of places and make amazing memories with her. I would do all sorts of stupid things for my girlfriend. That's probably why we have a bucket list that we decided to create to record all the crazy stuff that we're going to do when we're older.

  Having a bucket list somehow makes me feel closer to her. When we start ticking things off the bucket list, I tend to look back and see how much we've changed since the last tick, or even how much we've grown since we first started the list. But no matter how many things we've done, the one thing that won't change is how much I love her. In fact, maybe I love her even more now :)

  The bucket list that you have between you and your other half is different from an ordinary bucket list. A normal bucket list can be copied by anyone else, but a couple's bucket list is special. It's something that only you and your significant other can understand. To other people, some of the stuff on the list may seem stupid, but only both of you will  know and share that little secret that lies underneath the list.

  We're both young and crazy, so this is probably the best time to make a bucket list. Our imaginations are wild and we can think of so many things to do. Although we can't do some of the things now, there's always the future when we have more liberty or money. We try to constantly add stuff to our bucket list, constantly thinking of ways to spend our time together, to make our lives more meaningful, to create memories that will last a lifetime.

  As a personal reference and for you guys to look at, here's our bucket list (the ones I deem socially acceptable :P) :

1. Movie together (easy peasy)
2. Sing thunder buddy song during a storm (A song from the movie 'Ted' -
3. Explore buildings and dark places (I have a thing for mystery)
4. Travel! (Preferably the world)
5. Shopping (Pick clothes for each other)
6. Eat a buffet (we're pigs)
7. Make a YouTube video
8. Cross dress/Dress as the opposite gender and take a picture.
9. Bake
10. Make a scrapbook of our lives.
11. Play a video game together.
12. Stargazing picnic! (Ahh..)
13. Volunteer work in Africa
14. Watch the sunset
15. Feed the homeless..

  ..and many more that I want to keep private!

  Life is short. That's something we can't change. What we can change, however, is the way we spend our lives. I really love my girlfriend and I want to spend my time the best I can with her. Many people might think that teenage love won't work out, but I'm sure it can and we'll make it work! To the couples out there, you should really try making a bucket list! It's really fun and it gives you something to work on when you guys have free time or a goal to look forward to in the hectic working life.

  What's your way of making your love life more interesting? Share it with me in the comments below :)

  Here's to love.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Must Watch Stand-Up Comedians

by Wong Zhiwei  |  in videos at  2:33 AM
I'm a big big fan of stand up comedy. I didn't really laugh much when I was a kid because I had enormous cheeks (I still have comparatively big ones now) and it made laughing or even smiling very tiring to my face muscles. I'm serious. Apparently laughing makes your face less round so I'm trying to achieve that goal. ANYWAY, here are some of my favorites that I want you guys to watch and laugh too!

1. Jeff Dunham

A ventriloquist is cool enough. A funny ventriloquist? Funny and cool as hell! Jeff Dunham does really well in creating multiple personalities and using his skills to make the audience think he really is talking to someone else. This conversational style comedy opens up to lots of ways to make the show funny and entertaining which makes it really enjoyable for many.

2. Russell Peters

Most of his jokes revolve around racial stereotypes and his interesting encounters with many different cultures. If you're easily offended, maybe you don't want to watch this. However, his humorous ways of presenting these ideas will definitely make you laugh.

3. Gabriel Iglesias

Fluffy! Being a rather big-sized person, he charms audiences with his cute and funny personality. One thing I really love about him is the way he manipulates his voice. He can pull off not only accents, but even sound effects like slamming car doors, and it sounds very real. He has lots of funny experiences and I assure he'll give you a good time.

4. George Carlin

One of the most thought-provoking comedians ever! Although he passed away in 2008, he is still a very popular comedian among the people. He discusses controversial topics like religion to ranting about little things in life that piss him off and somehow he manages to make it extremely funny and entertaining.

That's all from me today! Sorry if your favorite comedian wasn't in my list. If you do have a recommendation for me, please leave it in the comments section below and I might add it to this list!

Thanks for reading :)

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