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ZEEWAY. That's how you pronounce my name.

And that's how I do things - ZEEWAY (get it? ;D)

HI. I'm surprised you're actually reading this. My blog is 100% personal and is mostly about my life and the interesting things I do (which aren't a lot) and occasionally some useful things I want to share with people. I'm not the kind to write serious articles so if you are annoyed or afraid of jokes and humor (weirdo) then I don't think you should be here :) also I like to connect with people rather than be distant so my language might not be 'formal' so yeah. <---- (example right there)

I just want to thank you if you're reading this blog and hopefully the bullshit I write gives you entertainment, joy and knowledge. Reading my blog will probably help you know me more and you'll probably realise I'm a weirdo eventually but DON'T JUDGE ME. 

Thank you :)

-Wong Zhiwei-


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